Ambient Air Quality/EPA/NTAA/Tribes

Gizmodo – UN Tells Canada to Stop Building the Trans Mountain Pipeline


NPR – California Reservation’s Solar Microgrid Provides Power during Utility Shutoffs


CNN – Australia’s indigenous people have a solution for the country’s bushfires. And it has been around for 50,000 years


NPR – With Their Land in Flames, Aboriginals Warn Fires Show Deep Problems in Australia


Lewiston Sun Journal – Sweeping recommendations would overhaul Maine’s Indian land claims act


Indianz – Damming Little Colorado River for power projects is opposed by tribes, environmentalists


The Intercept – The War on the War on Cancer


New York Times – Why Is Air Pollution So Harmful? DNA May Hold the Answer


National Association of Clean Air Agencies – Washington Update


NEPA Changes

The Hill – Critics warn Trump’s latest environmental rollback could hit minorities, poor hardest


NPR – Trump Administration Proposes Major Changes to Bedrock Environmental Law


NY Times – Trump’s Move against Landmark Environmental Law Caps a Relentless Agenda


Utility Dive – Trump infrastructure proposal impacts ‘virtually every’ federal decision on environment: DOI Secretary


Climate Change/Energy

NPR – Hopi Look to Tourism, Ranching For Income after Coal Power Plant Closure


Reuters – BlackRock vows tougher stance on climate after activist heat


Ensia – How Can We Adapt to Climate Change? This Online Hub Has Answers


Ensia – More and More Homeowners Are Renovating Existing Homes to Make Them “Net Zero” Energy Consumers. Here’s How.


E&E News – Scientists see promise in new solar panel material


Utility Dive – Tri-State to shut New Mexico, Colorado coal plants by 2030, but move may not satisfy unhappy members


PR Newswire – Deloitte-Ballard Joint White Paper Assesses Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Solutions for Transportation


E&E News – Kan. should ease costs of aging coal plants – study


E&E News – DOE publishes first new efficiency standards since 2017


E&E News – Warming cost the U.S. an extra $24B – research


Reuters – U.S. coal-fired power plants closing fast despite Trump’s pledge of support for industry


Indianz – Trump administration’s push for U.S. uranium production opposed near Grand Canyon


NY Times – 2019 Was Second Hottest Year on Record


Utility Dive – DOE unveils plan to make US global storage leader by 2030, reduce foreign dependence


Utility Dive – Renewable advocates highlight ‘most effective’ path to net-zero emissions as House releases clean energy proposal


ENN – Pathways to a Low-Carbon Future


Toxics/Mobile Sources

Reuters – Trump administration moves closer to rolling back U.S. vehicle fuel economy increases


EPA – EPA Jumpstarts Cleaner Trucks Initiative


Reuters – Trump administration moves closer to rolling back U.S. vehicle fuel economy increases


Jalopnik – One of Climate Change’s Biggest Contributors Is in Your Car, But its Not Coming From the Tailpipe


EPA – Punch It Performance and Tuning Agrees to Stop Selling Illegal Devices That Defeat Emissions Control Systems of Vehicles in the Wake of Clean Air Act Enforcement Action


Indian Country Today – Drive. Ride. Rethink.


Yes Magazine – What We Could Do With a $5 Carbon Charge on Your Flight


Indoor Air Quality

Vox – Installing air filters in classrooms has surprisingly large educational benefits


EPA – Prevent Lung Cancer: Test Your Home for Radon


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