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E&E News – ‘Heartbreaking’: 2021 climate-related disasters killed 688

Indian Country Today – America’s forgotten Indigenous rights movement: The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act impacts almost every aspect of Alaska Native life

CNN – The last 7 years have been the warmest on record as planet approaches critical threshold – Satellites reveal record high methane concentrations despite reduction pledges

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/NTAA/Tribes News

Indian Country Today –  ‘We’re being wrapped in poison’ A century of oil and gas development has devastated parts of northern Oklahoma. Now the Ponca Tribe is fighting back

E&E News – Democrats request probe of White House EJ actions

E&E News – Meet the EPA staffers key to Biden’s goals – Common clay materials may help curb methane emissions

MIT News – Understanding air pollution from space

Healio News – Air pollution levels linked to 16% of pediatric asthma cases globally

Helsinki Times – Long term exposure to air pollution may heighten COVID-19 risk: Study

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Climate Change/Energy

Inside Climate News – US Emissions Surged in 2021: Here’s Why in Six Charts

Inside Climate News – Five Climate Moves by the Biden Administration You May Have Missed

Axios – White House expands clean energy push as legislation stalls

E&E News – Tina Smith isn’t giving up on her clean electricity program

Bloomberg – Challenge to EPA’s Climate Authority Heads to Supreme Court

The Hill – Biden administration seeks reversal of Trump move opening up more Arctic drilling

ITEP Tribes and Climate Change Monthly Newsletter

Toxics/Mobile Sources

E&E News – Postal Service: Here’s the price tag for 100% EVs

Indian Country Today – Tribes concerned about plan to power nuclear lab

E&E News – About-face: GM agrees to Calif. tailpipe emissions rule

The Hill – EPA to assess impact on endangered species before signing off on pesticide ingredients

Green Car Reports – Research could help extend EV battery life by 30%, slow degradation

Indoor Air Quality

Axios – Why we need to wear better masks

The Guardian – Covid loses 90% of ability to infect within 20 minutes in air – study

Exclusive: Findings highlight importance of short-range Covid transmission