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NEW! NTAA has released Policy Resource Kits including two new template letters for Tribes to use in responding to several EPA proposed actions including:


NEW! EPA’s Community and Tribal Programs Group has been working on a webpage with publicly-facing Tribal Actions and Events calendar

This calendar includes the following information:

  • Upcoming outreach activities (e.g., rulemaking webinars, trainings)
  • National Tribal Council (NTC) monthly meetings,
  • National Tribal Air Association (NTAA) meetings,
  • Regional Tribal Operations Committee (RTOC) meetings, and
  • Upcoming regulatory dates (e.g., expected rule proposal dates).

This calendar is also linked under the “Tribal Air and Climate Resources” webpage under the “Policy and Planning” heading available at The purpose of the calendar is to ensure that our Tribal partners are kept apprised of EPA activities that are relevant to them. If you have any questions about the calendarsor any recommendations on how EPA can improve upon the calendars please do not hesitate to reach out to Toni Colon ( and/or Tanya Abrahamian ( with any feedback.


Ambient Air Quality/EPA/NTAA/Tribes

NY Times – Forced Relocation Left Native Americans More Exposed to Climate Threats, Data Show “In the past, we used to go to the high country, where we had our summer camps. That’s where we would cool off,” Nikki Cooley, co-manager of the Tribes & Climate Change Program at Northern Arizona University and a citizen of the Diné (Navajo) Nation, in what is now northern Arizona. “We don’t have that, because all of the high-elevation communities are off the reservation.”

U.S EPA – U.S. to Sharply Cut Methane Pollution that Threatens the Climate and Public Health

The White House – Fact Sheet: President Biden Tackles Methane Emissions, Spurs Innovations, and Supports Sustainable Agriculture to Build a Clean Energy Economy and Create Jobs

The Hill – EPA to consider tighter air quality standards for smog

ProPublica – Poison in the Air: The EPA allows polluters to turn neighborhoods into “sacrifice zones” where residents breathe carcinogens. ProPublica reveals where these places are in a first-of-its-kind map and data analysis.

Nature Communications – Consumption in the G20 nations causes particulate air pollution resulting in two million premature deaths annually

Law 360 – Business Groups Urge Stay On Vacating Trump Water Rule

PBS – Native American tribes land buybacks start a commercial approach to social justice

KLCC – Ancient Native American forest practices demonstrated in burn near Eugene

NDN Collective – LANDBACK Movement

Tulsa World – Tulsa, Owasso join state in seeking to overturn McGirt ruling

Here’s where you’ll find this week’s NACAA Washington Update!

Climate Change/Energy

NBC – At U.N.’s COP26 climate summit, Indigenous voices are calling for more than lip service

Reuters – COP26 coalition worth $130 trillion vows to put climate at heart of finance

BBC – COP26 climate change summit: So far, so good-ish

Reuters – G20 offers little new on climate, leaving uphill task for COP26

Washington Post – Democrats accuse Big Oil execs of ‘obviously lying’ about climate change in historic hearing

The Washington Post – He’s the youngest Chief in his First Nation’s history. Now he’s leading their fight against climate change.

Law 360 – Draft Plan Illuminates EPA’s Enviro Justice, Climate Priorities

Reuters – U.S. EPA to draft power plant emissions rules despite court ruling

AP – China offers few new climate targets ahead of UN conference

The Guardian – $555bn in climate action but no new tax on billionaires: what’s in Biden’s plan?

AZ Central – Indigenous peoples seek greater voice and more influence at COP26 climate conference

Toxics/Mobile Sources

The Guardian – Coal pledges and a methane deal: what could Cop26 achieve?

The Hill – National emissions to be a factor in drilling lease sales

Great Lakes Now – Enbridge temporarily stops Michigan pipeline due to protests

NY Times – G20 Nations Agree to New Limits on Coal-Burning Power Plants

Environmental Health News – Environmental groups petition EPA to rescind factory farms’ “free pass to pollute”

Indoor Air Quality

The Washington Post – How and when to check indoor air quality in your home

NBC News – How to improve indoor air quality in apartments and small spaces

eSchool News – Schools are getting creative as they strive to improve indoor air quality

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