About Us: Executive Committee

Marvin Cling, Sr

Passamaquody Tribe at Pleasant Point, Region 1 Primary Representative

Marvin Cling, Sr. is the NTAA EC Primary Representative for USEPA Region 1. He is employed by the Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Tribe as an environmental director. Since 2001, Marvin’s past and current work experiences include TSCA-related risk assessments and inspections, water quality sampling, fish toxicity studies, PM 2.5 monitoring, ozone monitoring, meteorological monitoring, woodstove change outs, providing GPS-GIS support for various tribal environmental projects, oil spill response, providing indoor air quality expertise, and educating home owners about energy auditing and how home weatherization impacts IAQ on the reservation. He continues to build capacities for the tribal ecology program and involved with climate-related activities. He strives to bring in additional funding as he has brought in Brownfields and other USEPA media funding. He has an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from Haskell Indian Nations University, a BS in Business Administration in Information Technology and a MSM in Information Technology Management from Colorado Technical University. Marvin has also assisted NAU-ITEP with course teaching and was the tribal instructor for the AQ Computations course for over a decade. He also represents USEPA Region 1 Tribes in the E-Enterprise Leadership Council and the National Tribal Caucus. He also once served on the TAMS Steering Committee.

Email: marvin@wabanaki.com