NTAA News!

The NTAA is excited to present the 2022 Status of Tribal Air Report! A recording of yesterday’s STAR release webinar is available on NTAA’s website.


Top Stories

WhiteHouse.gov – Biden-Harris Administration Announces New Actions to Support Indian Country

Florida Phoenix – At Tribal Summit, Biden Pledges Federal Commitment to Indian Country

Youtube.com – The 2022 Tribal Summit in DC can be viewed HERE

Indian Country Today – What the new Congress means for Indian Country

Indianz.com – Elizabeth Warren vows sweeping improvements in Indian policy as president

DRG News – Biden makes new commitment at tribal nations summit

The Guardian – Democrats ditch Manchin’s ‘dirty deal’ after opposition from climate activists

NACAA – Washington Update


Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

E&E – Committee Deadlocks on EPA Air Nominee

WAMC: North East Public Radio – Study Finds Western Wildfires Impacted Air Quality in New York

National Association of Clean Air Agencies – Washington Update

One Green Planet – Air Pollution Linked to Nearly-One Million Stillbirths

Politico Pro – House bill would beef up air monitoring at industrial sites


Climate Change/Energy

NPR – 3 Tribes Dealing with the Toll of Climate Change get $75 Million to Relocate

USDOI Press Release – Biden-Harris Administration Makes $135 Million Commitment to Support Relocation of Tribal Communities Affected by Climate Change

Inside Climate News – Car Companies Are Now Bundling EVs With Home Solar Panels. Are Customers Going to Buy?

E&E – Biden begins new phase on climate action

White House – Environmental Justice and Congressional Leaders Advocates Applaud the NEW Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool

The Washington Post – Alaska’s northernmost city posts warmest winter temperature on record

E&E – EPA has a new climate fund, who should control the money?


Toxics/Mobile Sources

E&E News – EPA Advances Biomass for EVs, Pushes Increase in Biofuels

E&E News – Regulators Propose Closing PFAS Loophole

LA Times – Local air regulators say it’s impossible to meet smog standards without federal help

Energy Institute at HAAS – Are Vehicle Air Pollution Standards Effective, Efficient, and Equitable?

NRDC – Electric Vehicles are Driving Rates Down

Climate Connections – New solar-powered car designed to travel up to 40 miles on sunshine alone


Indoor Air Quality

RETRACTION: Last week, we inadvertently shared an article for removing mold that suggested the use of Bleach. NTAA Staff and members advise against the use of Bleach and instead promote the use of Green Cleaning products and methods. ITEP offers several classes that include information on mold and indoor air quality. These courses can be found HERE.

Indoor Air – Impact of do-it-yourself air cleaner design on the reduction of simulated wildfire smoke in a controlled chamber environment

EHS Daily Advisor – Task Force Calls for Tougher Indoor Air Standards