NTAA News!

The NTAA is excited to present the 2022 Status of Tribal Air Report! A recording of yesterday’s STAR release webinar is available on NTAA’s website.

Call for proposals for NTFAQ 2023 is now open! https://forms.gle/GXLS8QztLLMs5H518

Top Stories

CNBC – The U.S Passed a Historic Climate Deal this Year – Here’s a Recap of what’s in the Bill

NACAA – Washington Update

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

AP News – EPA Investigating Colorado for Discriminatory Air Pollution

The New York Times – EPA Tightens Rules on Pollution from Vans, Buses, and Trucks

Reuters – Environmental Cases to Watch in 2023

E&E – EPA Clampdown on Soot Pollution Imminent

Climate Change/Energy

VOX – 5 Doable Resolutions for US Climate Policy in 2023

AP News – Northern Arizona Tribe to get Federal Aid for Flood Damage

Inside Climate News – Snapshots, Hotshots, and Moonshots: Images of Climate Change in 2022

Canary Media – Huge Opportunities and Huge Threats Loom for US Clean Energy in 2023

NPR – California Offshore Wind Promises a new Gold Rush while Slashing Emissions

Toxics/Mobile Sources

WHYY – Delaware could join California in 2035 ban on sales of gas-powered cars

Bloomberg – 2023 Will be the Year of the Electric SUV

Indoor Air Quality

Propmodo – Indoor Air Quality is Important for Mental Health Too

Pressherald – How to Improve your Indoor Air Quality