NEW! Greetings from the TAMS Center!  We are announcing a call for nominations for the Virgil Masayesva Environmental Excellence Award and for two (2) open positions on the TAMS Steering Committee.  Further information and the nomination forms are online and can be accessed at the TAMS Website:

Nominations Forms:

TAMS Steering Committee Nomination Form



 Deadline for TAMS SC Nominations – February 17, 2023


Virgil Masayesva Tribal Air Programs Excellence Award


Deadline for the VM Award Nominations – March 24, 2023


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The EOP Inflation Reduction Act guidebook is live and an excellent resource for stakeholders!  IRA webpage with the “living guidebook” and links to the PDF and downloadable data set: https://www.whitehouse.gov/cleanenergy/inflation-reduction-act-guidebook/

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Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

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Climate Change/Energy

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Toxics/Mobile Sources

Trains – G&W locomotives to scrap or upgrade per EPA decree in 2023

Climate Connections – Can EVs meet the needs of rural drivers? Increasingly, the answer is yes.

King 5 – This Washington study might make you think twice about your makeup choices

Indoor Air Quality

Vox – The war over gas stoves hides easier ways to fix indoor air pollution

The Guardian – These homes replaced their gas stoves – and saw a huge drop in indoor pollution

Connecticut Education Association – CT Voters Support Changes to Improve School Health