REMINDER! Call for proposals for NTFAQ 2023 is open until January 27th! All applications are welcome!  https://forms.gle/GXLS8QztLLMs5H518

Join the national conversation on how Tribes are implementing the Clean Air Act in partnership with the U.S. EPA to improve air quality in our communities. Forum organizers are actively seeking proposals for presentations, trainings, and other informational sessions that support our NTFAQ conference goals! Proposals should relate to air quality topics relevant to tribal stakeholders and should discuss direct experiences and/or original research.


Presentation Proposals Due:  January 27th, 2023

Letter of Notification (will include instructions and timeline): February 20th, 2023.

If you have questions about the agenda, presentation options, or other ways to participate in the event, please contact NTFAQ@nau.edu or Carolyn.Kelly@nau.edu

Top Stories

EPA.gov – EPA Proposes to Strengthen Air Quality Standards to Protect the Public from Harmful Effects of Soot

E&E – EPA Unveils 100M for Environmental Justice

The EOP Inflation Reduction Act guidebook is live and an excellent resource for stakeholders!  IRA webpage with the “living guidebook” and links to the PDF and downloadable data set: https://www.whitehouse.gov/cleanenergy/inflation-reduction-act-guidebook/

IRA Guidebook PDF: https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Inflation-Reduction-Act-Guidebook.pdf

NACAA – Washington Update

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

Environmental Defense Fund – EPA Methane Proposal makes critical progress but work remains to Quickly Finalize Protective Standards

CNN Health – EPA proposes new rule to crack down on deadly air pollution

Healio – Air pollution associated with nonviral asthma attacks among urban youth

Earthjustice – Why your Air Quality Matters and how you can fix It

NRDC – Local air quality monitoring lagging across U.S., NRDC Finds

Climate Change/Energy

GreenWire – Great Salt Lake could vanish in 5 years, report says

University of California – UC awards $16.4M in grants to address climate change, health inequities

USGS – National Climate Action Science Center Collaborates on New Tribal Climate Resilience Assessment Report

NPR – Climate change makes heat waves, storms and droughts worse, climate report confirms

E&E Climatewire – How sending climate aid abroad helps the U.S.

Toxics/Mobile Sources

Geek Wire – Washington, Oregon, join California in requiring all new vehicle sales to be EVs by 2035

E&E – How carmakers are crafting the EV-charging experience

E&E – EPA inks deal to clean up Keystone spill

The Hill – Biden Officials lay out Roadmap for Net Zero Transportation by 2050

Indoor Air Quality

The Guardian – Too many smelly candles? Here’s how scents impact the air quality in your home

Harvard Business Review – Designing Buildings that are both Well-Ventilated and Green

Los Angeles Times – U.S. Safety Agency to Consider ban on gas stoves amid health fears