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REMINDER! The White House: FACT SHEET: How the Inflation Reduction Act Helps Tribal Communities

By signing the Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden is delivering on his promise to meet the climate crisis and build an economy that works for working families, including Tribal nations and American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian families. The Inflation Reduction Act lowers prescription drug costs, health care costs, and energy costs. It’s the most aggressive action we have taken to confront the climate crisis. It’ll lower the deficit and ask the super wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share. And no one making under $400,000 per year will pay a penny more in taxes. Click Here for FACT SHEET.


REMINDER! NTAA /EPA Air Policy Update Call

Due to holiday scheduling, the next NTAA/EPA Air Policy Call will take place in January; details and calendar invitation to come.


NEW!  Clean Air News in this week’s Washington Update:

  • NACAA Comments on EPA Power Sector Strategy Calls for Partnership, Urgency, and Strategic Action
  • CEQ Launches Improvements to Climate and EJ Screening Tool
  • Final Agreement Proposes Damage Fund But Does Not Commit to New GHG Reductions


Next week’s congressional hearings on nominations, as well as other clean air events, are included in The Week Ahead, and you can find more NACAA events calendared on AirWeb.


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Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

NPR – The EPA Awards Grants to Monitor Air Quality in Communities Hurt by Pollution

Ars Technica – https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/10/us-embassies-may-have-accidentally-improved-air-quality/

Climate Change/Energy

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Toxics/Mobile Sources

Wallstreet Journal – American Can’t Rely on China for its Electric Vehicles

Reuters – EV Battery Makers Race to Develop Cheaper Cell Materials, Skirting China

Utility Dive – Building out Nationwide EV Charging is Taking Longer than Consumers Think, Fuels Institute Says

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Medical News Today – Dementia: Can Traffic-Related Air Pollution Increase Risk?

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Indoor Air Quality

World Green Building Council – Covid-19 Brings Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Upfront