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NTAA has a new Policy Resource Kit (PRK) for Tribes to help them respond to EPA’s Pre-Proposal to Regulate Greenhouse Gases from the Power Sector by March 23, 2023!

Recently, EPA requested comments regarding their intent to address power sector rules related to:

  1. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for New, Modified, and Reconstructed Fossil Fuel-Fired EGUs under CAA section 111(b);
  2. Developing Proposed GHG Emission Guidelines Under CAA Section 111(d); and
  3. Review of the Residual Risk and Technology Review (RTR) for the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS)

            EPA is asking five questions related to their pre-proposal that can be read here.

You can learn more from EPA here and at this link: Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OAR-2022-0723. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the opening of a non-rulemaking docket for public input. The purpose of this docket is to solicit public input on the Agency’s efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from new and existing fossil fuel-fired electric generating units (EGUs). The goal of this non-rulemaking docket is to gather perspectives from a broad group of stakeholders. This docket will be open for public comment until March 27, 2023. The EPA will provide a separate opportunity for public comment on any future proposed rulemaking(s) for EGUs through a formal comment period. A formal comment period will be announced in the Federal Register notice of any future proposed rulemaking(s).

You can submit your comments to EPA via this link by March 27, 2023. Learn more how to submit comments to EPA here. 

NTAA’s PRK for Tribes to use to submit their comments to EPA by the comment deadline of March 27, 2022. This is a pre-proposal opportunity for public comment. EPA will be seeking another round of public comment and Tribal Consultation when a draft rule is released by EPA later in 2023. NTAA has long advocated for strong emission controls on GHG emissions that impact climate change. Tribes and Tribal Air Quality will only benefit the faster we can collectively reduce GHG emissions from existing and new stationary stories.

NTAA’s PRK includes a Tribal Template Letter  to use this template that includes NTAA’s comments that will be submitted by the comment period deadline of March 27, 2023).

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