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Top Stories

Native News Online – Environmental Experts Advocate for Indigenous Innovation to Address Climate Change

CNN – How California ended up in the zero-emissions driver’s seat

E&E News – EJ communities are wary as CCS racks up policy wins

Native News Online – Tribal, Indigenous Climate Change Conference Convenes in St. Paul

NPR – Biden has a $369 billion climate plan — and new advisers to get the program running

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

AP News – EPA head: Advanced nuke tech key to mitigate climate change

Energy News Network – ‘High and dry’: How toxic coal ash could be the next opportunity — or the next broken promise — for the Northern Cheyenne tribe

E&E News – What to expect on permitting reform as Congress returns

E&E News – The methane rule is under review. Here’s what it would do

One Green Planet – NYC Announces New Effort to Monitor Air Quality to Reduce Pollution

Indian Country Today – A billion dollar plan to save coal

AP – EPA denies Cheniere Energy request for LNG pollution waiver

Reuters – Nicole Mann says she is proud to be first Native American woman in space

KVPR – Smoke from ag burning contributes to long-term health effects for Valley Latino residents

Climate Change/Energy

AP – California weathers heat wave without rolling blackouts

The Hill – The crucially important points ESG critics are missing

Utility Dive ­– DOE moves to fund additional nuclear-coupled hydrogen projects

The NM Political Reporter – NMED works on rules to limit carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants

E&E News – How energy, environment issues are playing in Senate races

Energy Monitor – What if the Biden administration financed the replacement of every coal plant in the US?

CNBC – Inflation Reduction Act could push workers toward the climate industry

The Hill – How will Biden handle his first major climate decision after Inflation Reduction Act?

Fast Company – 650,000 efficient houses and 7.2 million free heat pumps: How the Inflation Reduction Act will impact U.S. homes

USA Today – Antarctica’s Florida-sized ‘Doomsday Glacier’ is ‘holding on today by its fingernails,’ study says

AP – What’s happening with Ukraine’s threatened nuclear plant

Toxics/Mobile Sources

AP News – 17 states weigh adopting California’s electric car mandate

CNBC – EV tax credit complexity in Biden’s climate law could throw cold water on car manufacturers

VOX – It’s the end of the car as we know it

The Riverbanks News – CARB $$ Replaces Heavy-Duty Trucks With Clean Technologies

Reuters – Shipping project explores ways to cut methane emissions from industry

Gizmodo – Making Batteries Out of Crab Shells May Be a Great Idea

CNBC – How electric vehicle manufacturing could shrink the Midwestern job market

Indoor Air Quality

Yahoo! Finance – Indoor Air Quality Compromised by the Pollution Exposure

Happi – GBAC Forms New Educational Working Group for Indoor Air Quality

WCNC – ‘Students perform better’: Schools look to improve HVAC air quality as COVID protocols change