The Guardian – IPCC steps up warning on climate tipping points in leaked draft report

CNN – House passes resolution that would repeal a Trump-era EPA rule on methane emissions

CNN – ‘We have to act and act fast:’ Biden says climate change is driving wildfires and historic heat wave

NEW! ITEP’s Native Voices Newsletter – June 2021

This issue provides highlights of the 2021 National Tribal Forum on Air Quality (NTFAQ), including recognition of the Virgil Masayesva Award recipients and a fond farewell to EPA’s Laura McKelvey. Also noted is information on the 2021 Status of Tribal Air Report (STAR). Past issues can be found here!

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/NTAA/Tribes

NY Times – Air Pollution’s Invisible Toll on Your Health

EPA – EPA Announces $50 Million to Fund Environmental Justice Initiatives Under the American Rescue Plan

NPR – How 165 Words Could Make Mass Environmental Destruction An International Crime

LA Times – California’s drought and wildfire dangers rising at stunning pace

Washington Post – Trump appointees allowed terminated EPA staffers to keep receiving salaries, watchdog report says

National Association of Clean Air Agencies – Washington Update

Climate Change/Energy

AP – Blackouts in US Northwest due to heat wave, deaths reported

Mother Jones – Why the Northwest’s “Heat Dome” Is So Dangerous

Indian Country Today – California tribe declares climate emergency

Yahoo Finance – Nunavut communities tackle climate change using Indigenous knowledge and science

Vox – 6 crucial climate actions the Senate left out of its infrastructure deal

The Washington Post – Before condo collapse, rising seas long pressured Miami coastal properties

Retuers – Climate change threatens age-old indigenous food systems, says UN

Mother Jones – Climate Change Puts Homeowners of Color at Greater Economic Risk

Grist – California just committed itself to “an unprecedented amount” of clean energy

Politico – Northwest heat wave wilts new GOP climate resolve

Toxics/Mobile Sources

Reuters – U.S. biofuel groups urge EPA to curb oil refinery waivers despite ruling

Climate Home News – Mega oil project in Russia’s far north threatens Arctic Indigenous communities

New Republic – How Tax Breaks for Fossil Fuel Companies Inflated Profits for Oil and Gas Drilling

AP – Senate OKs bill to certify farm practices limiting emissions

Desert Sun – Oil bankruptcies leave environmental cleanup bill to California taxpayers

Diesel Technology Forum – 46.4% of Commercial Trucks Operating in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska now Powered by Newest-Generation Near-Zero Emissions Diesel Technology

Indoor Air Quality

NY Times – Masks Again? Delta Variant’s Spread Prompts Reconsideration of Precautions.

Wired Magazine – The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill

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