TOP STORIES/HEADLINES: Week of September 26 – 30, 2022

NTAA News!

REMINDER! The Tribes and Climate Change Program (TCCP) would like to invite you to attend today’s webinar on the implications of the recent Supreme Court ruling for EPA greenhouse gas emissions regulations and a discussion of the Biden Administration’s climate Executive Orders. See details and flier below and attached and share with any interested networks!

September 28, 2022| 10am Pacific |1pm Eastern | Click Here to Register

“On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered its ruling on West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), limiting the EPA’s authority under a provision of the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector” (University of Colorado Boulder Today, 2022).

NTAA is preparing a Policy Resource Kit for Tribes to respond to EPA’s three upcoming power sector rules, with intended proposal dates for Spring 2023. If Tribes are interested in requesting government-to-government consultation with the EPA during the pre-proposal period, please contact Regina Chappell at (919) 541-3650 or email at by September 30, 2022.

The EPA is addressing the following three upcoming power sector rules, with intended proposal dates for Spring 2023:

  • GHG Emission Guidelines for existing EGUs under Clean Air Act (CAA) section 111(d);
  • GHG New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for new, modified, and reconstructed EGUs under CAA section 111(b); and
  • Review of the Residual Risk and Technology Review (RTR) for the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS)

NTAA’s PRK will include a template letter that Tribes can use to respond to EPA’s specific questions for consideration. More information on the rules can be found here for 111(b), and for MATS RTR. This consultation will be conducted in accordance with the EPA Policy on Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribes ( The Agency invites you and your designated consultation representative(s) to participate in this process. The EPA’s anticipated timeline for the consultation period is expected to extend from September 1, 2022, to October 17, 2022.

Top Stories

E&E News – Hurricane Ian intensifies into a monster with climate markings

AP News – Biden administration launches environmental justice office

CNBC – Inflation Reduction Act’s expanded biofuel incentives raise concerns about fraud

Native News Online – Native News Weekly (September 25, 2022): D.C. Briefs

NBC News – Inflation Reduction Act: Who qualifies for tax credits and rebates

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

The Hill – Biden declares major disaster in Alaska after severe storm

Huff Post – Wildly Popular And Under Attack: The Political Battle Over America’s Public Lands

High Country News – Trump tried to open Alaska lands to resource development — what will Biden do?

High Country News – Yak Titʸu Titʸu Yak Tiłhini say it’s time to return Diablo Canyon lands to Indigenous hands

The Guardian – ‘Dramatic’ rise in wildfire smoke triggers decline in US air quality for millions

E&E News – Special hiring power boosts EPA infrastructure, regional teams

Indian Country Today – Deb Haaland celebrates decades of Indigenous education

Climate Change/Energy

E&E News – Manchin backs off permitting reform in spending bill

E&E News – Manchin’s permitting overhaul: Not dead yet

Seattle Times Op-Ed – Stop sacrificing Indigenous sacred sites in the name of climate change

Business Insider – The climate crisis and the energy transition are exacerbating inequality, putting those least responsible in the worst position

Inside Climate News – Senate Votes to Ratify the Kigali Amendment, Joining 137 Nations in an Effort to Curb Global Warming

Utility Dive – DOE opens $7B hydrogen hub funding opportunity, issues draft production standard

Inside Climate News – The Pathway to 90% Clean Electricity Is Mostly Clear. The Last 10%, Not So Much

USA Today – Humanity healed the ozone hole. Can we do the same for climate change?

Seattle Times – Stop sacrificing Indigenous sacred sites in the name of climate change

Toxics/Mobile Sources

Utility Dive – How the Inflation Reduction Act is heating up an already active market for critical metals in EV batteries

NPR – Federal money is now headed to states for building up fast EV chargers on highways

Thomson Reuters Foundation – Cost of crypto: Report says U.S. bitcoin as dirty as 6 million cars

AP News – US Sen. Warnock: Electric car tax credit needs ‘flexibility’

CNBC – EV sales to hit all-time high in 2022, IEA says, but more work needed to put world on net-zero path

Grist – To ensure access to electric cars, some activists are calling attention to ‘charging deserts’

Indoor Air Quality

ACHR News – Indoor Air Quality and Decarbonization: A Healthy Balance

Phys. Org – Indoor air quality experiments show exposure risks while cooking, cleaning

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TOP STORIES/HEADLINES: Week of September 19 – 23, 2022

NTAA News!

Last week, the NTAA Executive Committee (EC), TAMS Steering Committee, and ITEP staff met with EPA leadership over video calls and in person in Flagstaff last week. Many great discussions were had with a shared goal of improving Tribal air quality and enhancing relationships.

Members of the NTAA EC, TAMS SC and EPA staff met on the campus of Northern Arizona University last week. Photo by Ryan Tsingine

Top Stories

AP – Damage assessments begin in flooded remote Alaska villages

Anchorage Daily News – As Western Alaska floodwaters recede, damage assessments begin across hundreds of miles of coastline

E&E News – Why did Fiona wreck Puerto Rico? Blame climate, fragile grid.

NPR – How to help people in Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Fiona – ‘Our policy is nation-to-nation’ Tribes join President Biden for celebration at White House

The Hill – Manchin, allies turn up the heat on permitting reform

The Hill – Tensions rise amid frustration over mystery Manchin deal

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

EPA – Deputy Administrator McCabe and National Tribal Caucus Chair Wagner Co-Chair 2022 National Tribal Operations Committee Meeting

National Law Review – The Inflation Reduction Act: How Do Tribal Communities Benefit?

E&E News – Permitting overhaul in peril as funding deadline looms

Arizona Republic – National Park Service pledges to work with tribes to protect cultural sites on public lands

News and Tribune – Indiana’s Miami tribe battling for federal recognition after rule changes

NPR – Apache tribes in Arizona are leading the way in saving Emory oak trees

Durango Herald – Tribes look to preserve natural sonic environment in Bears Ears

CNN – Scientists find clues to how air pollution may trigger lung cancer

Medical News Today – Lung cancer in non-smokers: Scientists find how air pollution acts as a trigger

Washington Post – A potential connection between dementia and air pollution

The Columbian – Study: Breathing polluted air affects teenagers

NASA – NASA and Google Team up to Better Track Local Air Pollution

Climate Change/Energy

AP – Analysis: UN chief, speaking to leaders, doesn’t mince words

Inside Climate News – ‘We’re Fine’: How Solar Kept the Lights On After Fiona Left Puerto Rico in the Dark

Inside Climate News – How a Successful EPA Effort to Reduce Climate-Warming ‘Immortal’ Chemicals Stalled

NPR – The U.S. will officially phase down HFCs, gases trapping 1,000x more heat than CO2

The Guardian – Vulnerable countries demand global tax to pay for climate-led loss and damage

AP – First public global database of fossil fuels launches

AP – Minnesota Ojibwe harvest sacred, climate-imperiled wild rice

E&E News – GAO: Government must boost climate resilience

The Revelator – Solar Sovereignty: The Promise of Native-Led Renewables

KRTV – Blackfeet Nation begins implementation of Climate Change Adaptation Plan

E&E News – GOP fumes over climate law. Is there a will for repeal?

E&E News – White House unveils climate bill website for consumers

Toxics/Mobile Sources

Navajo/Hopi Observer – Chinle Unified School District receives first electric school bus

Native News Online – Tribe, Conservation Groups Sue to Stop Mining Project

E&E News –    Biden announces tentative labor deal to avoid rail strike

Oregon Public Radio – As Oregon pushes more electric vehicles, a gap emerges in access

Utility Dive – DOE, federal agencies to draft plan for slashing transportation carbon emissions

The Hill – Biden touts funds for EV charging network: Will be as ‘easy to find as gas stations’

White House Fact Sheet – President Biden’s Economic Plan Drives America’s Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Boom

Clean Technica – Which U.S. States Are Best For Electric Vehicles?

 Indoor Air Quality

UConn Today – White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy Recognizes UConn’s Indoor Air Quality Initiative Fighting COVID-19

Campus Safety Magazine – Improve Your School’s Indoor Air Quality with Federal ARPA Funds

KGW8 –  How to make sure wildfire smoke stays outside

Wiley Online Library – HEPA filters of portable air cleaners as a tool for the surveillance of SARS-CoV-2

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TOP STORIES/HEADLINES: Week of September 6 – 9, 2022

NTAA News!

Reminder! NTAA member Tribes are welcome to join a NTAA member Tribe Feedback Call on Thursday, September 15th at 2 pm ET. This call will provide NTAA members the opportunity to provide their feedback to NTAA leadership as well as hear a briefing on NTAA’s recent meetings with EPA leadership. If you are a member and did not receive a calendar invitation, please contact NTAA’s Carolyn Kelly at to get the invite!

Top Stories

Native News Online – Environmental Experts Advocate for Indigenous Innovation to Address Climate Change

CNN – How California ended up in the zero-emissions driver’s seat

E&E News – EJ communities are wary as CCS racks up policy wins

Native News Online – Tribal, Indigenous Climate Change Conference Convenes in St. Paul

NPR – Biden has a $369 billion climate plan — and new advisers to get the program running

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

AP News – EPA head: Advanced nuke tech key to mitigate climate change

Energy News Network – ‘High and dry’: How toxic coal ash could be the next opportunity — or the next broken promise — for the Northern Cheyenne tribe

E&E News – What to expect on permitting reform as Congress returns

E&E News – The methane rule is under review. Here’s what it would do

One Green Planet – NYC Announces New Effort to Monitor Air Quality to Reduce Pollution

Indian Country Today – A billion dollar plan to save coal

AP – EPA denies Cheniere Energy request for LNG pollution waiver

Reuters – Nicole Mann says she is proud to be first Native American woman in space

KVPR – Smoke from ag burning contributes to long-term health effects for Valley Latino residents

Climate Change/Energy

AP – California weathers heat wave without rolling blackouts

The Hill – The crucially important points ESG critics are missing

Utility Dive ­– DOE moves to fund additional nuclear-coupled hydrogen projects

The NM Political Reporter – NMED works on rules to limit carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants

E&E News – How energy, environment issues are playing in Senate races

Energy Monitor – What if the Biden administration financed the replacement of every coal plant in the US?

CNBC – Inflation Reduction Act could push workers toward the climate industry

The Hill – How will Biden handle his first major climate decision after Inflation Reduction Act?

Fast Company – 650,000 efficient houses and 7.2 million free heat pumps: How the Inflation Reduction Act will impact U.S. homes

USA Today – Antarctica’s Florida-sized ‘Doomsday Glacier’ is ‘holding on today by its fingernails,’ study says

AP – What’s happening with Ukraine’s threatened nuclear plant

Toxics/Mobile Sources

AP News – 17 states weigh adopting California’s electric car mandate

CNBC – EV tax credit complexity in Biden’s climate law could throw cold water on car manufacturers

VOX – It’s the end of the car as we know it

The Riverbanks News – CARB $$ Replaces Heavy-Duty Trucks With Clean Technologies

Reuters – Shipping project explores ways to cut methane emissions from industry

Gizmodo – Making Batteries Out of Crab Shells May Be a Great Idea

CNBC – How electric vehicle manufacturing could shrink the Midwestern job market

Indoor Air Quality

Yahoo! Finance – Indoor Air Quality Compromised by the Pollution Exposure

Happi – GBAC Forms New Educational Working Group for Indoor Air Quality

WCNC – ‘Students perform better’: Schools look to improve HVAC air quality as COVID protocols change

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TOP STORIES/HEADLINES: Week of August 29 – September 2, 2022

NTAA News!

NEW! NTAA member Tribes are welcome to join a NTAA member Tribe Feedback Call on Thursday, September 15th at 2 pm ET. This call will allow NTAA members to provide their feedback to NTAA leadership and hear a briefing on NTAA’s recent meetings with EPA leadership. If you are a member and did not receive a calendar invitation, please contact NTAA’s Carolyn Kelly at to get the invite!

NEW! The National Tribal Air Association is pleased to announce its newest Member Tribe. The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community is a federally-recognized tribe occupying the Swinomish Reservation in Washington. They are committed to improving the lives and well-being of our tribal members through social and cultural programs, education, economic development, and resource protection. NTAA now includes 156 Tribes in the roster of NTAA member Tribes! If you and/or your Tribe wish to join NTAA, learn how to join here for free!

NEW! The National Tribal Air Association is pleased to announce its newest Policy Advisor Committee (PAC) member, Andrea Gelatt, who is Of Counsel with Jill Grant & Associates. She is experienced in environmental law and tribal issues and will assist the National Tribal Air Association with its continued mission to advance air quality management policies and programs consistent with the needs, interests, and unique legal status of American Indian Tribes and Alaska Natives. Andrea joins NTAA’s newest Policy Advisors, Lisa Gover, and Richard Du Bey. Learn more about NTAA’s PAC here.

NEW! The National Tribal Air Association is pleased to announce its newest associate member, Franklyn Tranquilino Telles. Franklin is currently attending Northern Arizona University’s Ph.D. in Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability Program. Franklin’s career objective is to work in a position where he can use my experience to develop further and share his research and education skills while mentoring and promoting students’ academic success. Welcome aboard, soon-to-be Dr. Telles!

Top Stories

Vox – How US corporations poisoned this Indigenous community

USA Today – Compromises in Democrats’ climate bill will hit communities facing most pollution hardest, critics say

AP News – Wildfire near Spokane prompts mandatory evacuations

The Hill – Here’s how corporations can leverage the Inflation Reduction Act to address climate change

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

AP News – EPA waives fuel rule in 4 states after Indiana refinery fire

HuffPost – Colo. Leaders Call On Biden To Protect Public Lands Via Drilling Ban, New Monument

The Gazette – New Colorado Springs exhibit explores Indigenous perspectives on ecology, climate change

The Register-Guard – Rewilding the West with wolves and beavers will curb climate change

ABC News – New book makes argument for addressing climate migration

Climate Change/Energy

TIME – Trees Are the Secret Weapon of America’s Historic Climate Bill

E&E News – FDR built a ‘Great Wall of Trees.’ Could Biden do the same?

The Guardian – ‘It’s a deal with the devil’: outrage in Appalachia over Manchin’s ‘vile’ pipeline plan

PBS – As price of natural gas surges, so do household energy bills

Consumer Affairs – Consumers face much higher natural gas prices this winter

Reuters – U.S. says had constructive talks with India on Russian oil price cap plan

The Hill – GOP targets powerhouse Wall Street firms over investments meant to fight climate change

The Hill – DOE awarding $540 million to ramp up clean energy research

Toxics/Mobile Sources

Utility Dive – California sets road map to complete ban on gasoline-powered vehicle sales by 2035

NPR – California wants to end sales of new gas cars by 2035. Here are 4 key roadblocks

NPR – California’s phasing out of gas-powered cars will require infrastructure changes

Canary Media – Lunar Energy enters solar+battery field with $300M investment

CBS News – Electric vehicles are essential in limiting global warming. Experts say they need a clean power grid to maximize their potential.

Energy Monitor – EV smart charging: A golden opportunity for distribution system operators

Indoor Air Quality

NW News Network – Scientists work to protect indoor air quality from wildfire smoke

Business Wire – Media Alert: AIHA Exposure Scientist Aims to Address Poor Indoor Air Quality in Schools, Health Risks to Students

Open PR – Indoor Air Quality Monitor Market Current Trends Competitive Landscape, Sales, Share, Outlook 2028 | By Application GrayWolf, TSI, E Instruments, Bacharach, 3M

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TOP STORIES/HEADLINES: Week of Aug 22 – 26, 2022

NTAA News!

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA): A Reference Summary for Clean Air Agencies

In the wake of this weekend’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, here is a quick and informal brief for the National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA) members that unpacks what’s in the law in plain English. This quick NACAA brief includes three sections: a summary of the overall provisions and two lists of all the programs funded by the IRA (one for all the funding going through EPA, and one for funding going through other Federal agencies).  These lists include the purpose, dollar amount, eligible recipients, and the page number of the bill so you can go look for yourself what Congress intended for the money. More news to follow!

Top Stories

NPR – The Inflation Reduction Act incentivizes capturing carbon emissions

The Hill – Republicans wage war on environmental investing rules

Axios – Chemists discover new method to destroy “forever chemicals”

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

Gothamist – NY deploys labs on wheels to measure air pollution block by block

Clean Technica – New Report Details 2 Major Air Pollutants & Related Health Impacts In More Than 7,000 Cities

Denver Post – Colorado regulators tell Suncor to better monitor air pollution from oil refinery north of Denver

Grist – Wildfire smoke is choking Indigenous communities

Desert Sun – House passes wildfire and drought package that includes $250 million for Salton Sea

Protocol – Carbon dioxide removal is growing. So is the need for a code of conduct.

AP News – Heavy rain forces road closures, flood watches in Arizona

Mother Jones – Watch: Western Cities Are in a Bind as the Colorado River Runs Dry

Climate Change/Energy

The Hill – Nearly all marine species face extinction if greenhouse emissions don’t drop: study

E&E News – Climate law seen driving ‘demand destruction for fossil fuels’

E&E News – The top 10 emitting power plants in America

E&E News – U.S. emissions up 2.5% in first half of year

Axios – White House: Climate law could slash related damages by up to $1.9 trillion

Axios – Biden administration pressed on EV charging payment equity

NPR – Federal judges deal the oil industry another setback in climate litigation

Politico – Hot deals: A consumer’s guide to the new climate law

Inside Climate News – The New US Climate Law Will Reduce Carbon Emissions and Make Electricity Less Expensive, Economists Say

Politico – Energy secretary guardedly optimistic about gas prices

Thomson Reuters Foundation – Migrants share lessons with U.S. to improve climate resilience

Canary Media – Chart: Which sectors will drive biggest emission cuts under climate bill?

The Guardian – Solar panels: how to fix your energy bills while the sun shines

Toxics/Mobile Sources

Protocol – Indiana has a $100 million EV plan. Black communities say they’re being left out.

Energy News Network – Federal electric bus program leaves Chicago, other school districts behind

CBS News – These electric vehicles qualify for tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act

Quartz – The new US climate law has a gigantic methane leak

CBS News – How roundabouts improve traffic safety and lower carbon emissions

Protocol ­– How GM plans to make its ambitious EV goals reality

Indoor Air Quality

The Hill – Greens ask EPA to ban new natural gas heating

NBC News – Asthma deaths rose during the pandemic. Climate change may make it worse.

Spokane Public Radio – Scientists work to protect indoor air quality from wildfire smoke

Bloomberg Law – Climate Bill Improves Air Quality Despite Fossil Fuel Benefits

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TOP STORIES/HEADLINES: Week of Aug 15 – 19, 2022

NTAA News!

REMINDER! Clean School Bus Rebates Application deadline is this Friday, August 19, 2022. entity registration required.

EPA is offering $500 million in rebates for electric and low-emission school buses. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law of 2021 authorizes EPA to offer rebates to replace existing school buses with clean and zero-emission (ZE) models. The 2022 Clean School Bus (CSB) Rebates process includes account registration, application submission, review and selection by EPA, purchase order submission and request for payment, payment receipt, new bus delivery and old bus replacement, and close out.

NEW! The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA): A Reference Summary for Clean Air Agencies

In the wake of this weekend’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, here is a quick and informal brief for the National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA) members that unpacks what’s in the law in plain English. This quick NACAA brief includes three sections: a summary of the overall provisions and two lists of all the programs funded by the IRA (one for all the funding going through EPA, and one for funding going through other Federal agencies).  These lists include the purpose, dollar amount, eligible recipients, and the page number of the bill so you can go look for yourself what Congress intended for the money. More news to follow!

Top Stories

White House – BY THE NUMBERS: The Inflation Reduction Act

AP News – In Biden’s big bill: Climate, health care, deficit reduction

The Atlantic – Not Even a Single Republican Voted for the Climate Bill

HuffPost – States Will Decide How Much Democrats’ Historic Climate Deal Actually Cuts Emissions

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

E&E News – Would the climate bill slash methane? It depends

Canary Media – The new climate law will help clean up air travel

TIME – What Experts Say About How Valuable The Inflation Reduction Act’s Green Subsidies Will Be

NPR – Scientists say landfills release more planet-warming methane than previously thought

Upstream – Shallow Gulf of Mexico operations emit more methane than the Permian, study says

E&E News – Supreme Court climate ruling ignites deregulatory challenges

E&E News – Meet EPA boss Michael Regan’s inner circle

KUNC – As the Colorado River dries, tribes see indigenous water management as essential

Climate Change/Energy

Inside Climate News – After 25 Years of Futility, Democrats Finally Jettison Carbon Pricing in Favor of Incentives to Counter Climate Change

Slate – Critics Call Dems’ Climate Bill a “Devil’s Bargain” on Climate. Here’s What the Devil Is Getting.

Reuters – Analysis: U.S. renewables investors see Senate bill sparking gold rush

Canary Media – The Inflation Reduction Act could revive solar manufacturing in the US

AP News – New climate deal spurs hopes of more carbon storage projects

Reuters – Analysis: Democrats’ bill will make mark on climate, healthcare costs

The Hill – Federal court restores Obama-era freeze on coal leasing on public lands

Toxics/Mobile Sources

NPR – What oil companies gain from the landmark climate bill

Jalopnik – The Inflation Reduction Act Could Cut EV Tax Credits But Boost Battery Metals Mining in the U.S.

E&E News – The EV charger that drops from the sky

AP News – Climate bill: Could coal communities shift to nuclear?

Canary Media – US climate law will help electrify more USPS mail trucks

Indoor Air Quality

ASU News – ASU receives 1st cryptocurrency gift to support clean air work

The Island Now – Air Purifier vs. Houseplant (Comparison & Guide)

Education Week – Improving Indoor Air Quality = Keeping Students + Staff in School

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TOP STORIES/HEADLINES: Week of Aug 8 – 12, 2022

NTAA News!

NTAA hosted a Clean School Bus Workshop last Thursday with special guests California Congresswoman Katie Porter, Alejandra Nunez, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Mobile Sources, Office of Air and Radiation, and World Resources Institute Representative Brittany Barrett. A recording is now available on the NTAA website.

Top Stories

Reuters – U.S. Senate passes $430 bln climate change, tax, drug pricing bill; sends to House

Gizmodo – China Halts Climate Talks With U.S.

EPA – EPA Announces Initial Availability of $11 Million for Technical Assistance Centers to Support Underserved Communities

U.S. DOT – Thriving Communities Program

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/Tribes News

Native News Online – Native News Weekly (August 7, 2022): D.C. Briefs

Utility Dive – Inflation Reduction Act would spur 42% US carbon emissions cut by 2030: Princeton-led study

The Hill – Two in three Americans support spending more federal funds on communities hurt by pollution: poll

Climate Change/Energy

CBS News – Due to climate change, Nevada says goodbye to grass

CNN ­– How the climate bill could save you money on electricity, cars and appliances

Markety Watch – ‘Clean energy’ hiring in solar, wind and EVs expands in red and blue states. Enter your zip code to see where the jobs are.

CNBC – As climate change threatens more homes, some properties are getting too costly to insure

Yale Climate Connection – Geothermal heating and cooling: Renewable energy’s hidden gem

Toxics/Mobile Sources

Electrek – Electric F-150 Lightnings save the day with power in Kentucky flood response

Yale Climate Connections – Electrifying transportation reduces emissions AND saves massive amounts of energy

Utility Dive – Ford expands EV battery sourcing pool as supply concerns mount

Environmental Health News – PFAS: The latest toxic concern for those near fracking

Indoor Air Quality

Shaw Local – Improve your Indoor Air Quality – Clean Air

K-12 Dive – Hawaii finds poor air quality in 10% of classrooms

The Conversation – Articles on Indoor Air Quality

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TOP STORIES/HEADLINES: Week of Aug 1 – 5, 2022

NTAA News!

 Please join NTAA for a SPECIAL WORKSHOP for Tribes to learn how to access EPA’s Clean School Bus Rebate. Join us during this special workshop during NTAA’s Mobile Source Work Group call with special guest Congresswoman Katie Porter, EPA’s Ale’ Nunez and other  presenters EPA and the World Resources Institute (WRI) on August 4th at 1:30 pm ET | Register here!

Top Stories

CNN – 2 dead in the McKinney Fire in Northern California, the state’s largest blaze this year

Newsweek – Wildfire Map Shows California, Oregon and Montana Areas Tackling Blazes

The Guardian – Joe Biden hails Senate deal as ‘most significant’ US climate legislation ever

CNN – All eyes turn to Sinema as Democrats face a week that could transform Biden’s presidency

Indian Country Today – State of Alaska recognizes tribes with historic bill

United Nations – In historic move, UN declares healthy environment a human right

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/NTAA/Tribes News

City Journal – Sizing up the reconciliation bill’s energy provisions

EPA – EPA Announces Flyovers in the Permian Basin in New Mexico and Texas

ASU News – ASU researchers to address local air-quality concerns

Air Quality News – Can mushroom cladding save us from air pollution?

Earthjustice – Severe Human Health Risks Ongoing in Fairbanks as EPA Fails to Address Some of the Nation’s Worst Air Pollution

Newswire – AG Rosenblum asks EPA to consider National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Greenhouse Gases

Bloomberg News – Air Pollution Likely to Contribute to Diseases including Dementia, UK Committee Finds

San Francisco Examiner – California’s high COVID rates connected to poor air quality

Texas Tribune – Smog levels in Texas surge during heat wave, bringing worst summer air quality in a decade

US News – Nez Perce Tribe Disputes Idaho Gold Mine Air Quality Permit

Climate Change/Energy

The Guardian – EPA: game not over, says environmental agency leader after supreme court blow

AP News – Richer nations fall short on climate finance pledge

Indian Country Today – Gambling on a climate deal

NPR – What it means to have Manchin backing a bill to fight climate change

Reuters – U.S. Senate bill could be death blow for Biden anti-drilling pledge

The Hill – Inflation Reduction Act will boost EPA efforts to tackle the climate crisis

The Hill – Kentucky Governor says he’s worried officials will find bodies ‘for weeks to come’ after floods

Toxics/Mobile Sources

EPA – EPA Seeks Input on Latest Pollution Prevention Grant Opportunity Funded by $100 Million Investment from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Denver Channel – Colorado natural gas company $3.25 million for alleged violations of federal, state clean air laws

Energy News Network – EPA considers new rules to push coal plant retirements

Indoor Air Quality

Los Angeles Times – This DIY box helps clear indoor air of the coronavirus. Why aren’t more people using them?

The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration NEWS  – Bill Offers Incentives for Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Safety and Health News – NIST launches tool to help assess ventilation and indoor air quality

Workers Health and Safety Center – Quality indoor air: Follow the evidence and train for solutions


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TOP STORIES/HEADLINES: Week of July 25 – 29, 2022

NTAA News!

Please join NTAA for a SPECIAL WORKSHOP for Tribes to learn how to access EPA’s Clean School Bus Rebate that closes on August 19th for the first year of a 5-year funding cycle. Join us during this special workshop during NTAA’s Mobile Source Work Group call with special guest Congresswoman Katie Porter and EPA’s Ale’ Nunez! They will be joined by other presenters from EPA and the World Resources Institute (WRI) who have a great CSB resource kit. Be sure to join for free on August 4th at 1:30 pm ET and Register here!

NTAA will be submitting comments to next week on EPA’s proposed revisions to the GAP Guidance. Be sure to submit your comments or ask any questions to EPA’s Lisa Berrios at by NEXT WEEK’s deadline of Aug 2, 2022.


Top Stories

NPR – How hot is it? More than 85 million Americans are under heat-related advisories

The Guardian – Alarm as fastest growing US cities risk becoming unlivable from climate crisis

CNN – The Pope went to Canada to apologize. For some indigenous school survivors, he triggered more pain

The Indian Country Today – ‘Don’t be afraid to stand up,’ the legacy of Tim Giago

Alaska News Source – Alaska governor to sign tribal recognition bill

NESCAUM – 17 States, D.C., and Quebec Release Action Plan to Rapidly Advance Electric Truck and Bus Adoption

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/NTAA/Tribes News

Air Quality News – New campaign launches to tackle air pollution outside schools

Canada’s National Observer – Alaska experiencing unprecedented wildfires

OXFAM – Three times NEPA has protected communities of color – Unraveling the interconnections between air pollutants and climate change

The Press Democrat – Air quality advisory issued as smoke from Oak Fire near Yosemite forecast to reach Bay Area 

CNN – California’s fast-moving Oak Fire burns 14,000 acres and forces thousands to evacuate outside Yosemite National Park

WNYC Studios – Another Broken Promise on Tribal Affairs

Climate Change/Energy

CBS News – Heat waves are hitting around the globe. Scientists say climate change is making them more frequent

Climate Wire – This climate approach could win John Roberts’ approval

The Guardian – How a conservative US network undermined Indigenous energy rights in Canada

UPI – 16 U.S. cities could have a climate similar to Middle East by 2100

Toxics/Mobile Sources

CalMatters – Stress relief or toxic exposure? State cautions ‘rage rooms’ may deliver unwanted release

CBS – Crews treating for poisonous water hemlock at White Rock Lake

Gainsville – Clinicians to UF: Protect health with clean power

Southern Environmental Law Center – Mobile Baykeeper, SELC put Alabama Power on notice for coal ash pollution at Plant Barry

TCPalm – Avoid these waters: Toxic algae traces detected on Lake O’s eastern shore in Martin County

US News – Neighborhood Factors Could Raise Your Child’s Odds for Asthma

Indoor Air Quality

NIST – NIST’s Indoor CO2 Tool Can Help Assess Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Safety BLR – COVID-19 task force recommends air quality upgrades

Sidney Herald – What to know about smoke and health this summer

Technology Networks – Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Assessed by Novel Indoor CO2 Tool

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TOP STORIES/HEADLINES: Week of July 18 – 22, 2022

NTAA News!

 Wood Smoke Work Group call |Thursday, July 21st at 2pm ET

Join WSWG Lead, Lucas Bair on tips for Woodstove Maintenance and the newest resources from EPA’s Burn Wise Program! This work group every other month to address wood smoke issues in Indian Country. Attend by clicking here.

 Special Mobile Sources Work Group Workshop! | Thursday, August 4th at 1:30 PM EST

Top Stories

ABC – Wildfires continue to impact air quality in Central Valley

AP News – Biden vows ‘strong’ climate despite dual setbacks

Mitchell Republic – U.S. Attorneys, law enforcement agencies to place new focus on reducing violent crime on tribal lands

Grist – Here are 3 ways the EPA can still regulate climate pollution

Ambient Air Quality/EPA/NTAA/Tribes News

 Air Quality News – Council encourages parents not to idle cars during school run

Air Quality News – Domestic gas contains hazardous, cancer-causing air pollutants

Bloomberg Law – Existing Air Law Tools Give EPA Narrow Path on Tackling Climate

Capradio – Northern California wildfires: Where to find updates on air quality, evacuations, and official information

E&E News – When Heat Waves Meet Air Pollution, Death Risks Rise Substantially

KVUE – Saharan dust brings hazy conditions to Texas

Navajo Times – Tó Niłtólí members want Lake Powell lands returned

Climate Change/Energy

 ABC – Climate aid, war fallout feature at Berlin climate talks

BBC – Heatwave: National emergency declared after UK’s first red extreme heat warning

Bizjournals – New climate building codes include climate change mandates

E&E News – 4 Issues to watch as Energy, EPA bills reach House Floor

Utah Law – Heating Up: Climate Change Impacts on Tribal Communities

Utah Law – Synching Science and Policy to Address Climate Change in Tribal Communities

The Guardian – Biden pledges executive action after Joe Manchin scuppers climate agenda

E&E News – Congress faces climate roadblock after Supreme Court ruling

Toxics/Mobile Sources

PBS NewsHour – In Louisiana, orphan wells seen as an ‘accident waiting to happen’

CNBC –  EU signs new gas deals as fears grow over Russian supplies cutoff

CNN – House passes burn pit legislation

USA Today – Across the US, towns warn of toxic PFAS chemicals in drinking water. Here’s what to know

Indoor Air Quality

Businesswire – UVDI Awarded Agreement for UV-C Indoor Air Quality Technology with Premier, Inc.

Fatherly – Air Pollution levels linked to disease, IQ decline in kids

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